We are a collective of creators and facilitators excited by what it means to work collectively towards brighter futures.

The National Lottery Community Fund – Civil Society Open Enquiries

The Civil Society Open Enquiries was the project which brought Iris and Birch together.

The National Lottery Community Fund commissioned the work as part of their Civil Society Approach. The Open Enquiries were spaces for those working across civil society to explore, sense, and iterate towards a better future.

We designed and populated five interactive environments in Miro, each exploring one of five key themes of the Civil Society Approach: Thriving and Powerful Communities; Everyday Infrastructure; Adaptation, Resilience and Coping in a Long Crisis; Equipping Communities to Imagine the Future; and Ecologies, Constellations and Ecosystems.

Each Miro board was opened for a two-hour session during which time those working across civil society could come together to explore the topic. The boards included a series of questions and prompts to further discussion, curated case studies, a resource library, and summaries of theories and trends. Participants were encouraged to populate the boards with thoughts and resources and to open discussions, creating resources to which our team and others were able to return.

Once the boards were closed, we synthesised the comments, conversations and activity results from over 900 attendees to distil into overarching trends, seeds of change and areas of importance to share with The National Lottery Community Fund.

Greater London Authority – Festival of Ideas Finale Gathering

The Greater London Authority’s Festival of Ideas brings together communities around London to celebrate their work and explore what strong and resilient communities look like. For the 2021 Festival of Ideas, Iris and Bich created a miro board for the closing event of the festival. This was a shared space to showcase work, ideas and insights from the festival. 

Within the Miro, we also opened spaces to map the connections between the communities involved and facilitate network building.  


We built a Miro board to facilitate conversations between the Barbican team and community stakeholder networks. These were an opportunity for the teams to meet and explore new ways of working together as well as discuss the future of two festivals: Leytonstone Loves Film and Walthamstow Garden Party.

This engagement process was one element of the Imagination Exchange, delivered online and taking place over 4 days in May. Our Miro was designed to act as a calm space away from the animation and energy of the online conference, a location for some of the incidental and informal conversation that is sparked when gathering in person but which is so often lost in online events. It provided an alternative environment where people could share and eke out ideas and opinions together, responding to key prompts reflecting the focus of the Imagination Exchange.

JRF Emerging Futures event series

 Imagination Infrastructuring (I and II)

P4NE April Reunion Gathering & Rotterdam Gathering 2023

Future Parks Accelerator

Iris and Birch helped to organise and host the Future Parks Accelerator conference, which took place online over several platforms. The Future Parks Accelerator Programme (FPA) supports the transformation of green spaces within cities across the UK. The conference was designed to showcase the work and learnings from the previous three years. 

FPA is hosted by a number of organisations. We began the design process, bringing together those involved into a series of Miro boards to allow everyone from across the relevant teams to come together to consider aspirations and expectations for the event. We took the information from these boards and worked closely with a small team from FPA to design and produce the conference.

Over three days, we hosted a series of live and pre-recorded talks featuring those involved in the FPA team and others creating transformational change across the UK and internationally. We also created an interactive resource bank in Miro. Here, participants could access resources created during the FPA programme and discuss and share resources for each of the four key themes from the conference: Healthy parks, healthy places; Urban nature and forests; Community activation and participation; and Funding and finance for urban green space.